Sculpture Contours of Time - Installation view at The Gallery at Casa by Troy Nickle

Contours of Time - Installation view at The Gallery at Casa

Contours of Time examines conceptual associations between science and art, nature and culture, time and space and the inner and outer forms of the tree. This exhibition is a study of natural phenomenon, that of the language of the tree. It is a look at how a tree can communicate to us through its form, lines and contours. How a tree can reveal to us it's unique symmetry and beauty or reveal very practical information such as its age, by counting its growth rings, (dendrochronology) or reveal atmospheric conditions during different periods in history based on the patterns of the growth rings, (dendroclimatology). Trees are significant to humankind and have been given deep and sacred meaning by many cultures and religions throughout the ages. They have become symbols of life, knowledge, growth, death and rebirth. 

This exhibition is an intimate study of trees, particularly the process of printmaking the growth rings of a tree. This process started two years ago when I was introduced to a you-tube video of the late artist Bryan Nash Gill who showed his process of printmaking the intricate growth rings within the tree. I immediately began learning the process myself and became interested in a relationship between the inner and outer forms of the tree and the relationships between printmaking and sculpture.