Artist Statement


As an artist my work encompasses a variety of ideas and processes that emerge from a study of natural phenomenon and conceptual associations between nature and culture, time and place and the cosmos and us. Artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Chris Drury, Richard Long and David Nash have influenced my practice as well as many Indigenous cultures around the world. Many of my artworks are created in situ in the landscape or are contemplations on nature. These works may take form as installations, sculptures, ephemeral assemblages, text works, interventions, woodcut prints, site-specific installations, murals in mud or any medium to convey an idea.


Through my work I seek to create opportunities that allow us to look at the natural world in new and altered ways. There is something profound and calming about connecting with the natural world; time seems to slow down, our senses are heightened and our mind calms allowing us to feel a connection with something beyond ourselves. Through creating art in nature I try to bring attention to the natural world and to an understanding of our place in it. Throughout human history civilizations have aimed to express the profound mysteries of life through their connections with nature; from early cave paintings, Blackfoot medicine wheels to the pyramids of Giza. I think the land art movement is a continuation of culture attempting to express the profound mysteries of life and our present relationship to our world. As an artist I feel I have a role in creating new perceptions and to express a need for a return of harmony and balance in our relationship to the world.