Artist Statement


As an artist my work encompasses a variety of ideas and processes that emerge from contemplations on nature and natural phenomenon. I am interested in the conceptual associations between culture and nature, time and place and the cosmos and us. Artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Chris Drury, Richard Long and David Nash have influenced my practice as well as many Indigenous artists and cultures from around the world. My practice may involve creating site-specific interventions, installation, sculpture, printmaking, photography, or whatever medium is best suited to realize an idea.


Through my practice I often utilize materials that are gleaned from the landscape. The work evolves from a process of contemplating the material, to realize the potential of that material and the various forms the material can embody. When I create an installation in the gallery or in the landscape I try to focus as much on the interdependency of various elements and on the surrounding space as on the materials themselves. The process of creating ephemeral works in the landscape allows me to bring about an awareness of place and to explore the interconnectedness and impermanence of all things. Whether I utilize vegetation to create ephemeral assemblages in the landscape, installations in the gallery, sculptures from wood, or woodcut prints from trees, I seek to create opportunities that allow us to look at the natural world in new and altered ways. I seek put nature at the forefront of our experiences through a variety of forms of expression, gestures and responses that allow us to reflect on our place in the world.