Artist Statement

As an artist I am drawn to explore in my work a variety of ideas and processes that stem from a study of natural phenomenon and connections between nature and culture. Various movements within the art world such as the Land Art movement, Environmental Art movement and the Arte-Povera movement from Italy have influenced me. My practice may involve collaborations with scientists, creating site-specific interventions, sculpture, installation, photography, painting, drawing or any material that suits an idea.


Through my practice I seek to bring an awareness of place through a variety responses to nature. I find inspiration from hiking in the river valleys, mountains, forests and even city alleys where I have become familiar with many of the materials that I use in my work such as plants, wood, bark, stone, moss, mud, snow and found materials. The landscape is my testing ground and my work focuses as much on the surrounding space as on the materials I use. When creating an intervention a connection between myself, the material I am working with and the site will develop. Through this connection there is the process of learning the material and to express the potential of that material, to explore it, understand it, and allow it to be seen in a new way. I am interested in the relationship between the various forms these materials can embody, the relationship between the colour or the materials and the conceptual associations these materials have in relation to place. I am drawn to create works that are ephemeral and temporary and will succumb to the elements and eventually decay or fall apart. My practice involves documenting the work at its completion and then the work is left to be discovered by someone and for it to devolve back into the environment leaving little or no footprint. 


Many of the installations that I create in the gallery are made from materials that are gleaned from the landscape and formed into ephemeral assemblages that will later be dismantled. In some works I use vegetation to create fields that emerge horizontally from the wall of the gallery as though the world were turned on its side or we are looking at it from above. The plants that I collect have usually gone to seed and are dried and lifeless but yet embody a simple beauty. Through looking upon the natural world in an altered context, I seek to create experiences that allow us to question our understanding of life, and our role within it. I want to put the connections between nature and culture at the forefront of our experiences.