New exhibition at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre




I have new work in a solo exhibtion, "Around the Centre,"  in the gallery at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta.


The title of this show, Around the Centre is based on a work I created in Ely, Minnesota during a residency. The work consists of concentric circles of pine needles and moss assembled on a large stone in a boreal forest. I started to contemplate the symbolic nature of this work and could relate it to when a stone is thrown in the water and ripples expand outward in circles around the stone’s impact. The circle is a universal symbol used in many cultures to represent the cycle of life and death, the sun, the earth, a sacred space, infinity or wholeness. Around the Centre also refers to gathering around something that is in the middle or at the center. This center could be something physical like a place, a spiritual state we experience, our true nature or the universe itself. 


The exhibition runs from July 31 - October 5


A closing reception will be planned for late September.